The North Coast____

Luxury Meets Sustainability

The North Coast is an oasis of tranquility that provides an unparalleled residential and commercial experience. Nestled in a serene enclave that boasts of a stunning beach view . The North Coast is a breathtaking prime real estate that boasts of smart technology and a range of top-notch amenities that interweave to create a beautiful experience for both residents and business owners. Its strategic location and commitment to eco-friendliness make it an investment destination for those seeking to live and work in a serene and vibrant environment.

The North Coast, located in the heart of Sangotedo, Lagos, offers a unique blend of luxury and sustainability. For families with children, The North Coast has a dedicated children’s playground where kids can play and have fun in a safe environment. The property also boasts a sports arena where residents can enjoy various activities such as basketball, tennis, cycling, and volleyball. These amenities makes The
North Coast an ideal place to live for families and individuals who prioritize an active lifestyle.

The North Coast is also home to a tech hub, making it an ideal location for businesses and entrepreneurs in the technology industry. The tech hub provides a collaborative workspace where professionals can work and network with like-minded individuals. The property’s advanced technology and sustainable energy also make it an attractive location for tech start-ups that prioritize innovation and sustainability.
Experience the ultimate in productivity and comfort at The North Coast.

Our Features

Children Playground

Street Light


Tech Hub

Beach View

Sports Arena

Solar powered

Golf Course

Our Pricing

Total Package from


#20,000,000 (500sqm)
#12,000,000 (300sqm)


#45,000,000 (1000sqm)
#25,000,000 (500sqm)


C of O


500sqm, 1000sqm & 300sqm

Commercial Payment Plan

Initial Deposit – #3,000,000

6 months Payment Plan – Commercial

25,000,000 – 500sqm | 45,000,000 – 1000sqm

12 months Payment Plan – Commercial

26,200,000 – 500sqm | 46,200,000 – 300sqm

Residential Payment Plan

Initial Deposit – #3,000,000

6 months Payment Plan – Residential

20,500,000 – 500sqm | 12,500,000 – 300sqm

12 months Payment Plan – Residential

21,000,000 – 500sqm | 13,000,000 – 300sqm