Riel Mall

A Modern Retail Haven For All Your Business Need.

Nestled in a bustling and vibrant neighborhood, Riel Mall enjoys excellent foot traffic and unparalleled visibility. Situated near major highways, public transportation hubs, and residential areas, this prime location ensures maximum exposure and easy accessibility for customers.

Our Features

Children Playground

Street Light


Tech Hub

Beach View

Sports Arena

Solar powered

Golf Course

Riel Mall


Total Package from


#20,000,000 (500sqm)
#12,000,000 (300sqm)


#45,000,000 (1000sqm)
#25,000,000 (500sqm)


C of O


500sqm, 1000sqm & 300sqm

Commercial Payment Plan

Initial Deposit – #3,000,000

6 months Payment Plan – Commercial

25,000,000 – 500sqm | 45,000,000 – 1000sqm

12 months Payment Plan – Commercial

26,200,000 – 500sqm | 46,200,000 – 300sqm

Residential Payment Plan

Initial Deposit – #3,000,000

6 months Payment Plan – Residential

20,500,000 – 500sqm | 12,500,000 – 300sqm

12 months Payment Plan – Residential

21,000,000 – 500sqm | 13,000,000 – 300sqm

Central Water System
247 Power Supply
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Internet Supply
Parking Area
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Riel Mall

Amazing Location

Located in the heart of a thriving urban center, Riel Mall stands tall as a testament to architectural brilliance and endless possibilities. This newly built mall property is more than just a commercial space – it’s an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to thrive and flourish in a highly
sought-after location.

Riel Mall

Our Pricing

Payment Plan

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

Initial Deposit

Initial Deposit – #2,000,000