Eko Beach City____


Eko Beach City is the serenity you’ve always dreamed of. The optimal zone where you get to experience luxury living while surrounded by nature.
Interspersed with over 10,000 trees of about 50 different species, this green paradise overlooks the seashore and lake creating an environment that makes you instantly relax and enjoy the beauty of life. Its breathtaking views and natural landscapes make it the perfect place to live, work and unwind.
Eko Beach City is the convergence of technology, commerce, stunning architectural design, and soothing greenery—an ideal community for modern-day executives.
It features top-of-the-line amenities, such as a technology hub for work, a mini-golf course, and a leisure city to make it easy for you to enjoy a great work-life balance.
This futuristic city is surrounded by notable business projects such as the Free Trade Zone, Lekki Deep Seaport, Dangote Fertilizer Plant, Dangote Oil Refinery, and a coastal road network.
Experience nature at its finest; come live out your dreams at Eko Beach City — the place where comfort meets luxury.

Our Features

Children Playground

Street Light


Aqua Green

Beach Front

Lake view

Solar powered

Golf Course

Our Pricing

Our Launch

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Total Package from


#20,000,000 (500sqm)
#12,000,000 (300sqm)


#45,000,000 (1000sqm)
#25,000,000 (500sqm)


C of O


500sqm, 1000sqm & 300sqm

Commercial Payment Plan

Initial Deposit – #3,000,000

6 months Payment Plan – Commercial

25,000,000 – 500sqm | 45,000,000 – 1000sqm

12 months Payment Plan – Commercial

26,200,000 – 500sqm | 46,200,000 – 300sqm

Residential Payment Plan

Initial Deposit – #3,000,000

6 months Payment Plan – Residential

20,500,000 – 500sqm | 12,500,000 – 300sqm

12 months Payment Plan – Residential

21,000,000 – 500sqm | 13,000,000 – 300sqm